9 May 2012 - Willow

Today, for MMM12, I'm wearing a top I made in 2010.  It's one of those tops where I loved the idea of it, but the reality is far from it.  The material is Liberty of London Willow (I think) which is gorgeous - especially the pops of orange in it, but I think the pattern itself is too big for me.  The top, top A from Nani IRO is also a bit swamping, which is why I made a tie for the waist.  Overall it is a bit fussy for me, as usually I like to 'set it and forget it' and with this top I fiddle a lot during the day.  Anyway, I did pledge no repeat outfits, so this one has come out for a run on a glorious autumn day where I'll be locked away in an office for most of it.

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