FINISHED! Aime Comme (salmon) Macaroni

Frills, ruffles, stripes. It's all what you expect to see here isn't it. Same same today, although I'm mixing it up by sewing jersey. Most unlike me to sew up a jersey but I have loved this pattern, the Macaroni from Aime Comme Marie for some time and had purchased a blue and white stripe remnant from Tessuti a while ago to make it up in.
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Recently however, I snuck up to Sydney to see friends play at Cult Club. Best 24 hours in forever! Was like being in a 90's time machine. Anyway, I organised my bus so that I had a little bit of time to spend at the Fabric Store in Surry Hills (thank you Sunday trading hours!!) before I came home and managed to pick up some lovely items including this thick salmon (and navy/black) thick cotton jersey on. I bought enough to also make up a pair of shorts - so look out two piece set-acular to come! So my first Macroni is also known as the Salmon run.
Last weekend, armed with my Salmon, I headed to Bundanoon, with some lovely sewing friends to spend some time sewing. They all went on Friday, but I could only make it for the Saturday/ Saturday night. Halfway there I realised I had forgotten my stash of needles that I had bought during the week but decided not to turn around but keep going... I don't usually break needles so thought I'd be right. Oh dear .. On this project I broke 4 needles (one in my overlocker) - thank you Michelle for lending me some!
I completely ignored the instructions thinking I knew how this would go together. It's not an awful mistake but the frill shouldn't be attached at the shoulder seam and should be let free to frill over the shoulder. Knowing how much I love 'a frill to be able to frill' I'm annoyed I got this wrong but it's not exactly a big problem.  Definitely the extra thickness of the fabric at the shoulder had something to do with broken needles.
The other cause was probably my constant unpicking and resewing to try and line up the stripes. They almost got the better of me but I got there in the end. Next Macaroni will NOT be in stripes, so my Tessuti remnant may need to age a bit longer! 
Also, I took quite a few inches off the length so I had to tuck the frill under into the hem rather than if finishing in the front seam - this I quite like and doesn't bother me so I might not even change it for next time.  
This is classified as an easy make but it did take some time to come together (due to copious unpicking) and I only finished this and the start of another top over the day.  Regardless of expectations of output, it was an excellent 24 hours of sewing, singing and bubbles. I look forward to another one. These very short bursts of being away have really done me wonders and have left me feeling really buoyed. I should do it more often!

So the Salmon Run Macaroni defnitely fits into my 'uniform' and I can see it being a weekend favourite as the seasons start to turn from winter to early spring.