Viewfinders by Melody Miller
Happy note by Tokketok
In January, Ben had a conference in Ballarat so we all headed there with my mum and my sister and her family for a week.  It was lucky really that it was such a big family holiday as 2 days before I broke my arm attempting to rollerskate with the boys, so I was really able to use their help!  The house we stayed in was right next to Ballarat Patchwork which was great as I was able to pop in from time to time .  I bought a few bits of cute fabric and this was one of them.  I only found a fat quarter of this fabric and tonight I made a little present bag for a friend at work.  I bought her some zpagetti, which is yarn made from offcuts of new fashion garments. Zpagetti is very fun and it seemed the right time to use up my little bit of viewfinder fabric.  I wonder whether my old viewfinder is still at my mum's house?

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