Beastie Boys 28 January 2005


Way back in January 2005, my friend Sarah and I took a road trip up to Sydney to see the beastie boys.  We are big big fans and knew all the words. Back in the day when we used to run together, the beastie boys had all our running songs. It was such a great concert. We pushed our way to the front with all the kids and they played all the favourites and we bought tshirts that were clearly for kids, but we squeezed into them anyway at any opportunity.  My driving license in 2006 was a photo with me in my tshirt.  After a baby it was a great accomplishment to be able to fit back into it!  We were only just reminiscing about it the other day when we bought tickets to take our 3 year olds to the Playschool concert and Sarah,called it, as a joke,  Beastie Boys the sequel.  The death of MCA and the reading of all the articles, especially this one from door sixteen has really stuck with me.  Partly because he was so young, partly because cancer seems to be everywhere and never far away, partly because the songs re-live for me so many good times (how many times have I put on Sabotage and acted out the film clip!!) and, well, I always thought MCA was the hot one!
The set list from the concert is here:  Good times xx


  1. oh i'm so envious you got to see beasties live!! i can't read M.C.A. without hearing either no sleep til brooklyn "MC-AAAAAA, grab the mic my man" or she's crafty "she liked my homepiece MCA".