31 May 2012 - the final day

The last day of MMM12! The community of MMM12ers decided that as a thank you gesture to Zoe, we would have photo with "thank you" and also if possible, wear something a bit Zoe-esque.  I'm wearing my dancing ladies shirt from 7 May so it isn't really Zoe-esque.  I did have plans though as I too love 'the nautical' and a long time ago I purchased some pretty poor quality stretch that had anchors on it and did a few things with it for the boys.  I remembered it the other day and thought it might be good to see if I could make something out of it for today. There hasn't been much time for sewing this week but on Tuesday night (late, very late) I got out the material and drafted up a super quick pattern and sewed away.  It was pretty good although the side seams were making holes in the fabric -from a blunt needle maybe or poorly aligned fabric -but I  reinforced those seams and they were fine.  Unfortunately, the bigger problem that I noticed as the clock ticked past midnight, was the extremely uneven hem.  At first I thought I wouldn't worry and leave it uneven, but I remembered that I had a tiny bit of fabric that I might be able to put around the bottom to 'fix it'.  Anyway, I started attempting to fix the hem at 10.30 last night and needless to say the top is in no state to wear today - in fact it is in the bin.  I was happy with how the pattern worked out though so will try it again at some other time.  But not with panic sewing.

So no Zoe-esque homage, rather dancing ladies shirt returns but with my shorts.

Another thing we have to do is write a thank you to Zoe, so here's mine:

THANK YOU ZOE for organising and to all the other MMMers who made this such a fun challenge. I'm glad I challenged myself to not repeat an outfit, it was hard passing up my favourite items, but it was nice to get out some of the 'back of the cupboard' clothes. Starting up the blog also meant that I have now documented just about all my handmade clothes.  I've also stopped lurking so much on blogs and started commenting (as I realised just how fun it was to receive feedback).. and MMM12 introduced me to a number of new blogs that I now follow, inspired me to make a number of new things during the month (granted I'd classify them as 'panic sewing') and added more and more to a big list of patterns I want to try from others!  Phew, what a month!

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