FINISHED! More Esthers

I had the last week of January off, coinciding with the last week of school holidays and managed to whip up two more pairs Esther shorts from small scraps in the stash during the little staycation. I now find myself in Week 4 of school and can't exactly account for the time. So here, better late than never a couple more pairs of Tessuti Esther shorts. That makes 4 pairs, with no end in sight. The first two are here.  
The first pair I made up using left over fabric from my Xerea dress.  These, despite the dodgey photo are my best fitting pair. I went down another half size with these and the fit is spot on with the slight stretch in the denim. The colour is excellent and it was great to rediscover tops in my wardrobe that I hadn't worn in ages which are perfect with these shorts, such as this Grainline Archer which normally languishes in my wardrobe.
 The second of the January Esthers, are this pair made with the remains of my CBR frocktails dress, which appropriately is from fabric from Tessuti purchased back in December 2014.  It is heavy weight and textured and quite sratchy so these are lined.
The fit of these are a bit snug in the waist because of the fabric but that doesn't stop me wearing them. I love these and of course paired with the ubiquitous stripe top feels pretty darn perfect. I originally bought this fabric to make a pair of culottes and while now I think that might have been an outrageous idea, these shorts are a good second best.
This isn't the end of my Esther making, but for now have taken a rest from shorts. I had been attempting swimwear thanks to the sewalong hosted by Susan, but now the siren song of ruffles and Liberty is too strong and have been lured into sewing up the new Aime Comme Marie pattern.  What are you sewing?