FINISHED! An Undercover in Spencer

I'm back from holidays and you'll all be pleased to know that the flamingo pants got worn quite a bit and now I just wait impatiently for summer weather here in Canberra so I can wear them here! I haven't sewn for weeks now, but lucky I had a quickie that I sewed up before I left that I can show you.
I bought this fabric, 'Spencer' from Addicted to Fabric back in June and sewed it up that weekend while watching Mr Selfridge season 3 episodes. At the time they had it in 3 colourways, blue, maroon and green. I'm not sure they have any left?  It is a great fabric 80% poly, 20% wool that is a bit 'speckled' quilted, with a poly underling (?).   Of course it's impossible to photograph. Sadly I have also had some problems with the fabric catching, causing me to have long poly threads wrapping around me like a spiders web. I suspect and hope that this is just me and my watch and bangle? It does seem to have settled down.
The pattern is a no brainer. It's the Papercut Patterns Undercover Sweater made without the hood and without the neck binding or cuffs.  I love this pattern and I've made it up here, here and my favourite most worn one here.
The sleeves turned out shorter than I had intended to make them because I didn't add enough on to make up for the lack of cuffs and the turn up on the stitched line, but otherwise it all went to plan. All the hems are simple turned and twin stitched.

It's quite cropped but this works well with some of my blouses and it has suddenly breathed new life into a WIP that has been stashed languishing for many weeks in a bag. It might just be the perfect top to wear with it so I might have a reason to finish it off!
By the way: Underneath the Undercover in Spencer, is a old top from the Nani Iro book: Nani IRO C with self drafted collar in PICARDIE B from the Liberty Art Fabrics Spring Summer 2012 Central Saint Martins collection.
This print was designed by Phil Kim and was inspired by the film ,‘A Clockwork Orange.’ The top does normally sit properly, with the collar even, but I didn't realise until after the photos were taken that it was sitting to one side... oh well.

FINISHED! Flamingo pants!

Back at Easter I went shopping at Spotlight with Michelle and Siobhan and picked up on sale this flamingo printed rayon that I had been thinking about ever since I saw it earlier in the year. It was on sale at a crazy price so I picked up the remaining few metres in the store thinking that I would make a kimono out of it for a holiday in North Queensland in July. The fabric ran a little bit after washing which was annoying but hopefully it's not too noticeable.
We are about to head off on this holiday and a couple of weeks ago, I realised that while a kimono would be cool (and I still have enough fabric left so this is still not off the cards) what I really wanted was a pair of flamingo pants.  Nothing says pasty white tourist escaping the colds of Canberra for 10 days in the sun (hopefully!) like a pair of flamingo pants right.

And not surprisingly I wasn't worried about matching said flamingo pants as I have plenty of stripey tshirts that will fit that bill! Stripes are a neutral after all.
The pattern is the pants from my jumpsuit from Clean and Natural.  A very simple make with side angled pockets and an elastic waist. I have fake flat felled all the seams.  I hadn't noticed until these photos that I could taper them in a bit more at the ankles to prevent them from being too much like pyjama pants. So... I remedied this post photos and they are now slightly more tapered. And perfect in my mind! I didn't take any new photos - you'll just have to take my word for it. 
I am pretty chuffed with these simple pants and am pretty excited to wear them! Bring on a holiday in the warm sun!