27 May 2012 - Aladdin's magical pyjamas

What I started off wearing today - the magical pyjama outfit
Can you see the speckliness of the  fabric?

As you may remember, I have become enamoured with the idea of tracksuit pants for going out in and so yesterday spent more time than I should have coming up with these little beauties.  I thought they looked ok and so styled them with colours that I thought would work.  While not convinced, I made Ben take a photo of me.  He grumbled and mumbled that he 'wasn't a fan of the pants' but I persisted - even after every photo looked HORRENDOUS.  Surely I don't look that bad I said to myself.  Obstinately (and perhaps bravely) I grabbed my bag and off I went to the shops to get Ben some new pj's for his hospital stay.  The outfit started to nag at me though. I started to feel like I was in pyjamas.  Aladdins magical pyjamas!  Was it the little vest I was wearing with them?  the boots?  the shirt?  Was it the speckly green material?  Mmm.  I battled on but couldn't shake the feeling that yes, I was in magical pyjamas and at any moment I was about to sit on my magic carpet and ride back home.
We are going out for a friend's birthday for lunch, and while I don't think anyone would have been surprised to see me turn up to lunch in my magical pyjamas (after all, the birthday girl had her son in his pyjama top yesterday at a 4 yr old party), I have changed (relief) into a favourite: my clockwork orange top.  Last seen on the 10 May.  Damn, first repeat item, but different outfit, so I think I'm still good for the challenge!
27 May 2012
What I ended up in for the day

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