11 May 2012 - ugly place (pretty vest)


Fridays in Me Made May mean photo challenge day.  Friday 11 is ugly places day, so I've chosen the place, out of all other places that drive me mad with it's ugliness and dirt - our carpet.  I agree, the colour isn't offensive, but when we moved into our house 4 years ago, the carpet, which was only a year or so old, was already starting to wear pretty poorly.  In addition, it always always always seems to be dirty.  I'm lying in the bedroom, but if I was in the lounge it would be even worse... stains everywhere.    As an added bonus, the photo itself is also pretty ugly -  double chin, Ben's ugly slippers, crap on the floor... these all add up to a pretty ugly photo.  [And it's just been pointed out that it looks like a police photo - sorry if I have offended anyone!!] Anyway, one day we will pull the carpet up and have floorboards, or replace it with something nicer.
Now to the top, which is not so ugly.  This is a summer vest G2 from NOOY.  I love this pattern and I have also made it in a check and may make again before May is finished.  This vest is made from Liberty Kingley cord which I bought from Calico and Ivy in Balmain. 

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