23 May 2012 - peacock mini

LoveHate earrings
I took this picture to show off my new earrings that I got for mothers day..
Tonight, we are going out to dinner. For steak. We really love the Charcoal restaurant in Civic but haven't been there for ages, so Ben and I are taking my mum out - for a belated Mother's Day and Ben is also determined that he must have a good steak before he goes in for his operation on Monday.  So the Charcoal it is. The surgeon made some stupid joke about not eating a steak too close to the operation otherwise he might mistake a piece of steak for the tumor.  Ha ha ha ha. I hope we'll be giving the steak enough time to digest!
The dress I'm wearing is an adaptation of my favourite pattern W from Les Couleurs Francaises, but lengthened into a mini.  I made this super quickly at the last minute last year for my birthday after realising I'd just spent 5 weeks leading up to my birthday in France without buying anything to wear for my party.  Now that was very bad planning. I do like the dress however and it's nice to bring it out for dinner tonight.

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