28 May 2012 - wiltshire again

28 May 2012
As the end of May draws ever closer and I have run out of me made items, I find myself desperately looking for a super easy project that will see me finish the Month on a high.  Such a project is eluding me however and so for now, I am relegated to looking for different outfits made up of items already seen during the month.  Today, for a day pacing the hospital while Ben has his operation I have chosen to wear the Liberty of London Wiltshire again, pattern W from Les Couleurs Francaises.  (We dropped him off to the hospital early, so I'm updating this post while the boys are getting ready for school - or at least should be!) You may remember that I last wore this on the 16 May with a skirt and heels, eagerly anticipating (there is a bit of sarcasm here) a computer workshop:  http://kbfield.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/16-may-2012-wiltshire.html.
Today it is teamed with my skinny jeans, marc by marc jacobs boots and my blue cardi-vest. These shoes will provide the perfect clippity clopping in hospital corridors... so I think I am onto a winner.

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  1. Well you're looking very cool for clippity clopping up and down the corridors. Just tried to call. Thinking of you all.