18 May 2012 - Mike on Green Sheen


Fridays are photo challenge day and today, the challenge was GREEN.  In my office building, there are a lot of staff who work in the basement (it's actually quite nice and they do have windows where the sun comes in - sometimes). Not long ago, to brighten things up,a whole lot of colourful couches were purchased.  So today, I'm sitting on one such couch.  A beautiful (?) shade of green. I have assessed the Pantone color finder and think that this couch is close to: PANTONE 13-0648 TCX  also known as Sheen Green! 
I'm wearing a Nani IRO C in Liberty of London Mike B fabric.  I'm pretty sure this was from the Liberty Rocks Tana Lawn series 2011 and I bought the fabric from Addicted to Fabric in December 2011. According to Liberty Book of Home Sewing, the pattern was 'inspired by Pop Art and the geometric patterns used by Yves St Laurent throughout the 1960s'.  Even though this colour way is Mike B, I always think of Mike D from the Beastie Boys (yes crazy connection) when I wear it.  By the way, did you hear that tomorrow, 19 May, is going to be MCA Day  !!
Anyway, back to the outfit, the pattern, which I've worn before is super easy to put together but  it's a goody and I especially love  is the tapering in at the bottom.  The picture below makes it look a bit twisted - but it isn't.


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