22 May 2012 - first liberty goodbye

22 May 2012
I'm still home today with Oliver, and now Elliot has joined us with a cold.. no spots yet.  Of course both boys should be lying in bed but instead are messing around for now in the playroom...
So, for being at home, I'm wearing the first ever Liberty of London top I made, in 2010 I think.  The material is from Tessuti and the pattern is A2 from Happy Homemade vol 3. To be honest this top is really badly made.  Really really badly made.  I wore it a bit when I first made it (because back then I was pretty proud of it), but I certainly haven't worn it in ages.  The sleeves jut out like crazy, although I pretend that this is a design feature; but the badly assembled neck could never be passed off as anything but sloppy.  This morning I was thinking of getting out the scissors and putting an end to this top and recycling the material.  Now that it's on, I'm ever so slightly more forgiving, but it's end is certainly nigh and this will most likely be it's last official outing.
UntitledLiberty fabric

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