Flutter (crazy eyes) Flamenco

This is truly a French make: the pattern is the latest release 'Flamenco' from Delphine et Morissette and the fabric, 'crazy eyes poplin' from Wear Lemonade.  (This fabric came from France to Canberra in around a week!).  Turn away now if you are sick of ruffles because this top has the best ruffle ever! The perfect match of fabric and pattern. 
There really isn't much to say, regarding construction. It's a straightforward make with binding at the neck and no sleeves to set it. The neck scoop is larger than I would have preferred but I've grown used to it.  The back piece is cut in two but next time I think I'd just cut on the fold as most fabric would be wide enough to cope with the pattern size.  There are no ruffles on the back.
For close observers of the real pattern you'll note that I added an extra bit of sleeve. The original pattern has the ruffles and the sleeve ending just at the elbow... which I don't really like on me. So I added the extra bit and I really like the extra design detail this provides.  The bottom has a curved hem (which requires a tiny hem), but for me it needs to be tucked in a bit so sorry - no photos of the hem. :(
So a very quick post on a favourite make which has already been worn heaps! Long like ruffles and crazy eyes!