FINISHED! velo pjs

Two winters ago, I bought about 4 metres of this flannelette fabric as I thought I might make some pjs for the boys.  I think I made one pair of pyjama pants for Elliot and then this fabric was forgotten and left to take up it's place in the stash.
It was an absolutely stunning autumn day in Canberra today, one in which we should have been out enjoying the sun, but because Oliver is in 'quarantine' due to his chicken pox, we all just lazed about all day so I took the opportunity to delve into the stash.  The pants are K from Stylish Dress Book volume 3 and the top is a simple variation of the top I make all the time from Les Couleurs Francaises pattern W.  I debated about doing a differnt top, but this pattern is already cut out and easy to assemble.  I added some pockets into the sides of the pants... at first they were enormous so I did a little bit of fixing so the opening doesn't go all the way to my knee. Overall I love them.  I love that they are 4/5 length and have cute little darts at the ankle... and of course that they are snuggly and warm!!

In the boy's playroom

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  1. I really like that your pyjama top is the standard issue button up one!