Tracksuit pants for going out in?

Camille paneled jersey pants by Twenty8Twelve by s.millerI have become a bit obsessed about making a pair of pants like these from Twenty8Twelve by s.miller that I saw on theoutnet last night as I was browsing the 'just in'.  Is it really possible to wear these sorts of pants out ? In a fashionable way I mean, not in a "I'm just popping down to the shops in my trackies - hopefully no-one will see me way".  Mmm. I wanted to go to the fabric shop tonight to see if they had any of this glittery jersey, but the weather was hideous so I only just popped into the little one next to the toy shop (yes, despite horrid weather, we still had to go out to buy presents for birthday parties that are on tomorrow!).  I found some cheap speckled jersey - unfortunately it didn't have any shimmery specks - but I think I might try a pair.  Do I need a pattern? I just found Carolyn's post on how to make tights, so surely I could wing it!!?!!

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