4 May 2012

Today we are heading off to Dubbo (about 5 hours drive from Canberra) for a wedding at Dubbo Zoo (Taronga Western Plains Zoo).  It should be good fun and apparently there will be some animals appearing at the wedding - and I'm told that they aren't referring to ours or anyone else's children!  So, stay tuned!
In preparation for a number of hours in the car I am wearing my 'go to dress for travel':  pattern D from Stylish Dress Book.  This was the first piece of clothing I made for myself after I bought my sewing machine.  I made this in March 2010.  The denim which is a hemp/denim mix and is just fantastic and has worn great. I think my sewing has improved since this dress but it is super comfortable and great with boots.
Yes, that is frost on the deck and on the grass.. I was glad this photo worked out because it was pretty cold out there!

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