Me Made May: 1st quarter down

This is my first Me Made May, so now that I'm through the first quarter of the challenge, time for reflection:
  1. It has become obvious that I wear the same thing to work all the time, so giving myself the challenge of not repeating outfits is becoming harder than I naively thought at the beginning of the challenge - and we are only on day 8!  
  2. I am in desperate need of a few different skirts/pants and so am now frantically looking through patterns that I can run up quickly (noting my fear of the zipper so this isn't likely to be too successful).
  3. Taking a photo on self timer makes me feel like a dill - especially when it's in the front yard - and it takes me about 15 shots before there is one that is at least half decent.  Must improve in the next quarter!
  4. Not spending half the day looking at everyone's photos as they upload them is really really hard as there are some great outfits appearing - and I HAVE to look at every single one.
  5. It is really nice to get comments on outfits and it is actually just as fun to comment on others.
Off to work out what I'm going to wear tomorrow....

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  1. Lovin' your blog Kirst. And what a great idea for a photo.