20 May 2012 - knickerbockers

20 May 2012

Today, I am not wearing any Liberty!  I'm wearing instead a pair of knickerbockers out of lightweight chambray, which I made based on a pattern from Happy Homemade Volume 2 Kids, pattern L.  I have made this pattern a few times for the boys (though as long pants, not as knickerbockers!), it has pockets and elastic waist, but it has a fake close, which makes it a bit better than just elastic waisted.  I made the waist way way too high, but I still love these pants and I have had a lot of wear out of them.  Especially during summer.  In the spring, I must make another pair as these are starting to wear.  But not today.  Today, I'm off to the fabric store to see if I can get some material to replace the top I'm wearing.  This top is handmade, but not by me, and was was given to me by my neighbour, who got it off the local cafe owner?!! I wear it alot, but it has certainly seen better days and so it is time to replace it.
The photos below were taken when I made them back in Feb 2011.

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