Frocktober resolution (and a revelation)

For the last few months, after being inspired by the post on how to develop better sewing habits, I have been trying to focus on one part of sewing that I am either not good at or avoid.  August was buttons, September was zip-tember and now October will be all about lining.  OK, it doesn't sound that interesting but there are a few people who are participating in Frocktober raising money for Ovarian cancer so really, what better thing to do in October than make a frock with lining (and donate to Frocktober!).
I read this blog the other day, loved the pussy bow dress and when I saw that she had done a tutorial on how to add lining I knew what I was going to make next.
There are two things I love: Liberty fabric and a pussy bow and so voila, we have it: my October resolution project. I bought this fabric from  Addicted to Fabric back in July so it will finally emerge from the stash and I'll use the same SALME pattern , with the lining tutorial.  I've never done a  dress with lining and the Liberty of London fabrics which I often use for dresses really do need lining, so perfect.
Viola B from the AW12 Embellishment story
I had never heard of Salme patterns before, but there are a couple of really cute patterns, I especially love the playsuit!  Check them out!

Now to my revelation:  By accident I found this post on how to make a continuous strip of binding (5 yards out of a fat quarter).  I didn't quite have a fat quarter left so just used a ratio to work out the measurements..and it worked!! And it was fun (ish)!  Funny I won't now need it for the armholes as the dress will be lined - but there is always a use for binding!!

P.S. I have thought ahead to November.  It will be NO new material or patterns-VEMBER .. I need time to catch up on the projects in the pipeline and if I'm honest I have enough fabric... (except I DO need some fabric for the PAVOT- best purchase that in October! and maybe that playsuit pattern!).  I can see why my boys always want new lego even though they have a room full of it!  There might be a little bit of me in that! Just a little.

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