KCWC Days 5 and 6

A bit of sewing here and a bit of sewing there

After feeling less than satisfied with the way KCWC was panning out on Day 4, I found a bit of mojo and actually started to enjoy myself on Day 5 and 6.  As you will see there are some ups and downs with the sewing but the main thing for me was that it became less of a chore!

So first up a fun failure!
I bought this Marc Jacobs tshirt 6 years ago from ebay.  I adored the fabric and the style but to be honest it was always a bit too big and the fabric was starting to wear.  So I took to it with scissors to make a top for Elliot.
Strangely, when you see the half finished failure below, I had a lot of fun while attempting to make this top  (based on the flashback skinny tee pattern).  This was my first go at up cycling a piece of clothing and it was actually fun to work out where I might put the different parts of the original tshirt.   The funniest bit is the pocket at the front which was actually the back of the shirt. I kept the tag in it just to be reminded of it's origin.  The material is so soft that Elliot put it on and called it his 'warm up tshirt'.  It might have something to do with the super tight sleeves..

So yes, I did have problems by the number:
The sleeves are super skinny and so I now realise if I'm making a short sleeve tshirt I need to adjust the pattern a bit.
I didn't have enough fabric in the body so when Elliot tried it on it was a bit like a midriff top.
And obviously things went all wrong with the neck (my inexperience with knits is showing through and I now realise that the neck piece should have been much shorter...doh... can you believe I actually added fabric to the neck thinking I had cut it wrong??!!).  Anyway off to the trash with it unless I can thing of something else to do with it....maybe a pair of baby legs???

Now to my work in progress..  Realising that the problem I was having with KCWC was my lack of interest in the materials I was working with (booooring) I pulled out some left over drill from costumes I've made and told Elliot to choose the colours he wanted for a pair of shorts. So this is what he chose!

Australia retro cricket clothing
Dennis Lillee 
I should finish KCWC with a bang as these are almost done.

The really scary thing is that somewhere in my subconscious they have ended up taking the form of a pair of coloured Australian cricket pants from 70s-80s world series cricket right down to the green pocket.  This is unintentional.  Really!
At least the waist band will be blue???!  Don't worry, I won't be making a matching top or matching Dennis Lillee moustache or maybe....


  1. I often encounter Dennis Lillee, we have the same walking routine :))
    I think even a "failure" is not really a failure if I've learnt something valuable in the making of it. At lease you made use of fabric that was not overly precious!

  2. I did think if you went I realised where these shorts were taking me! Agree. Feel I really learnt from that 'failure'.