FINISHED! Bird Wings

PA010250 - Copy
Finally!  I have finished the bird wings I started a few weeks ago using this tutorial.  For some reason there was quite a bit of unpicking happening and so as the 'lucky' recipient is flapping their wings, no doubt a whole lot of cottons are going to come flying out.
Ben thinks the way it sits on the top part of the back and then ties at the front is a choking hazard and he is probably right, so for the Christmas wings I have lined up to make when I regain some enthusiasm for the project, I change the top to add a collar (with velcro probably - or maybe press studs if I'm really motivated) rather than the ties.
What I thought was a brilliant invention (the buttons at the bottom to thread elastic or ribbon through for the fingers/hand is probably not as great as I thought it was and I will probably add a cuff like attachment.
All in all, they took way more time than I expected but despite being particularly handmade, 
they are pretty cute.


  1. Hello Kirsty !!
    This is awesome, you have done an amazing job, I love the colors you used.

  2. Amazing! Those wings are just beautiful!

  3. This looks amazing Kirsty! Your little guy must've loved them so much! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
    Ronnie xo

  4. Unfortunately they aren't for him and he was just modelling - so he was pretty upset (although he did make a 'I don't want them to be pink' comment) when I said that we had to pack them away for a present! No problem at all - I'm hoping all is going well with you.

  5. I love these! They look equally beautiful as wall art.

  6. These are such, such, SUCH great wings - I like your angle of the "feathers" a lot, and the colours are so happy - but gee that must have taken a lot of effort~

  7. Thanks so much for the comment Gabrielle! Yes.. they took a while, I can't believe I'm going to try and make another pair!!

  8. Thanks Lexi! Maybe you can make something similar and wear for Frocktober!