Romper Stomper

Digital Sewing Pattern - PlaysuitDigital Sewing Pattern - Playsuit
I am making progress. Slow and painful but definitely progress on my Salme playsuit.  I have finally put the pockets into the shorts.  It took me 2 hours. Yes 2 hours.  How hard can pockets be I know you are thinking, well, this pattern makes hard work out of them.  I really want to love Salme patterns, but as I said when I made the Pussy Bow Dress the instructions could be done much better and it is definitely true of the playsuit where there are some weird pocket pieces. I have two halves done now, so all I have to do is sew them together and finish it (this could take a while given the timing of what I've done so far). 

I saw the forecast for the weather yesterday which said it is going to be 27 and sunny on Sunday (for Elliot's 4th birthday party - a Robot party!?), so I was all keen to finish the playsuit and wear it.  Now it looks like it will be 22 and cloudy with possible showers, so no need for me to panic.

The other thing that makes me think I might need to rethink my (children's) party hostess outfit is that I am making the romper out of Liberty of London D'Anjo and when I tried the two pieces on (with pins sticking in every which way)- trying to work out what they would look like and if it was even going to fit.. I looked decidedly like I could be in pyjamas.  Not convinced by this outfit.
.. maybe I just need the right shoes and accessories.  Stay posted.


  1. Awww, that's too bad! i think the pattern looks cute, and the fabric is great... too bad the pattern isn't playing nice! I have to admit, the only Salme pattern I've tried never made it past the muslin stage... I want to like it, but it just didn't work!

  2. I wish I had it in me to do muslins. What went wrong with your pattern. Was it the pattern itself or the directions?

  3. I think it was a combo of lots of factors. The pattern made a simple dress (the short-sleeved Kimono one) more complicated than I thought it needs to be, and the instructions weren't great... and my behind is too big for their largest size, which never impresses me! I'll give it another shot one of these day!

  4. Wait a minute - It's just occured to me that the dress I'm thinking of was the Pattern Runway kimono dress,no the salme one... They are so similar! So ignore everything I've said... ;)