A break in transmission

Last night I took a small break in the fete sewing and started sticky taping and cutting out the Salme Playsuit. I'm going to make this up in some new Liberty of London fabric I bought on Tuesday (which has been washed but not ironed - obviously).  I might even add a pussy bow to it...
It was so nice to do a bit of selfish sewing for a while.


  1. Nice and healthy! The playsuit is gorgeous, love the clean lines. Your liberty fabric will look terrific...wait a second! Is that a downloadable pattern? how do you ever get the test square to measure what it should? I never get it right!

  2. Thanks Merche. I can't wait to make it. I think getting the print it's to do with setting the paper right.. this pattern says don't choose ''fit to page' or 'scale to margins'. This is only my second ever print pattern but these seem to print ok without any meddling.

  3. Can't wait to see how this turns out - I've never used a Salme pattern so I'm doubly interested!