KCWC Day 1

Day 1: 5pm - 6pm.
It's a public holiday today so while normally this time would be out of bounds for sewing the easy (no school no work) day allowed for a steal of this timeslot.
For some reason I found the sewing against the clock (my own rule mind you) pretty stressful - like I was in some crazy race to get things cut and sewn (I regret greatly the fact that I didn't have something already cut out.. having something already started may have helped calm me down) but I cooled down and got the pants cut out, back pockets sewn on and the front pockets started.  Not bad for an hour  - which went so super quickly.  Without the imposed one hour limit I could see myself trying to get them finished tonight but I stuck to my commitment and it was tools down at 6.
So, no finished objects but a good start and when I asked Oliver whether he was going to wear these pants he said "I know I'm going to love them".  Well that's one of us!

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