Fete Sweat Shop

I am in the middle of crazy panic sewing for the preschool fete*. Yes I am sewing and panicking as if no one else is making anything and I have sole responsibility for stocking the stall.  Which of course is not the case.  At least I hope not. I am not focussed and am blindly making anything that will use up fabric from the stash.
I am sure that just giving $100 (which is probably more than my little things will make) to the preschool would be a lot easier!
Below is my mound of Liberty tissue holders (I wonder the collective noun is - a sneeze of tissue pockets?).  I'm off to make headbands now...
I promise to be back to some regular sewing soon!  (In fact bought something at the fabric shop today!!)

* If you happen to be in Canberra Australia it's on 10am-2pm, French Australian Preschool Astrolabe St Red Hill on Saturday 27 October.  Come and say hello.


  1. Hello Kirsty! Oh you have my simpathy sewing for school. I dread the costumes or any other kind of shool sewing! Take it easy!

  2. impressive! I had a suspicion you were school fete sewing :-)