KCWC A Plan of Attack

Monday 8 October marks the start of KCWC, so for the following 7 days I will dedicate 1 hour per day to making my boys some clothes.  There are two other things that I'm going to commit to for this week:

Firstly, I'm only going to do one hour a day.  No more.  I might even have a timer on so that after one hour I have to stop.  I have a tendency to say to myself and my boys - I'll just do this little bit which then snowballs and the sewing takes over everything, but not this week.

Secondly, I've committed to using material from the stash, which is frankly a bit boring to me, but there it is and I've made the boys pick out what they want so there's no turning back. No buying more interesting fabric.  I will allow myself to buy some elastic but that's it.
Now to my sewing plan which will be using patterns from this great Japanese pattern book: Happy Homemade Vol 2.

1. A pair of pants for Elliot out of the pin striped denim that Ben bought back from a trip to Japan a few years ago (this will be L but made into pants)
2. Oliver wants shorts made out of the red and blue check (so I'll do 'I'  just so I can do the button and button hole)
3.  Elliot says he wants a t-shirt out of the sear sucker (??) but I'll see how I'm going for time and will probably just make him some shorts..

4.  I have quite a bit of coloured drill left over from costumes so might be able to squeeze out of pair of shorts or pants using this as an inspiration.

The goal is one piece for Oliver and one for Elliot.

L (and I) from Happy Homemade Vol 2 is a really really great pattern with a fake fly and an elastic waist. Perfect for little boys.  I have already made it a number of times for the boys and have used the concept for two pairs of pants for myself (my Aladdin pants and my knickerbockers).

Oliver used to have a pair of pants made out of the check seersucker which looked fantastic and very 'golf'.  Unfortunately we went to a party at a park last year and he and some friends decided that the concrete skate half pipe was a slide and after spending half the afternoon sliding down the concrete wore the bottom out of them.  Devastated I tried to sew them up but alas they were shredded beyond repair.

If I'm feeling bored with my sewing during the 7 days, I'm also planning a robot party for Elliot's 4th birthday party which we will do early November so I might sneak in a few robot things - otherwise I've still got to make items for the craft stall at the preschool fete on the 28th October so I could sneak in a bib or two.  In fact given my slow progress on items for the craft stall I might need to do a craft stall sewing week challenge the week after!!

This weekend though, I need to finish my dress!

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  1. Oh yes! I know what you mean with sewing snowballing and taking over everything...I think I should use a timer too!
    Your fabrics look really promising and that book has very pretty designs. I´m looking forward to your master-pieces!