FINISHED! A lunch bag!!*!

As we move through the second month of Spring (despite snow around the region yesterday!) I've been trying to take a salad to work (yes yes very virtuous) and often I also take a bowl with cereal or something in it for breakfast.  I usually don't sit down to breakfast at home (many cups of tea yes, but not breakfast) so I usually have something at work.
I have been carrying all these containers and whatever else I snack on at work in a plastic bag and every day this week on the walk from the car park to work I've been thinking about the bag I need to make to carry all of this.
So today I made something.
 I used fabric from the stash which I love and bought at Addicted to Fabric when I first started sewing about 3 years ago.  It's very Japanese cutesy but it always makes me smile.

I used this pattern to help me work out how I was going to make the boxy style.  I put batting in it to give it some substance.  Once I'd finished the whole thing I took one of the plastic bottoms out of a supermarket shopping bag and put it in the bottom.  I had wondered whether I should have done this earlier and sewed it in but am glad it will just sit in the bottom because it will make it heaps easier for cleaning and washing.

The top and the sides are closed with velcro, which is not very glamourous but is functional!
So there we have it.


  1. Fabulous, really great useful shape and that's a very good point about the hard plastic bottom. I'm exactly the same in the mornings, I'd much rather wait and eat breakfast in peace at the office, and I end up carrying tons of stuff around what with that and my lunch. I might have to copy your idea (again!), though I'll have to think about adapting it with a strap to sling it over my shoulder on public transport. And I don't have nearly such cute fabric in my stash :-)

  2. What great fabric! I think you did the right thing with having a removable firm base as it will be much easier to clean that way. I also survive on cups of tea in the morning as I start work at 7.20am. I then make about 35 rounds of toast but they are not for me!!!! I am a supervisor in a school breakfast club.

  3. I like your lunch bag so much! The fabric is terrific, and I don´t see anything unglamourous in velcro. Looks great! By the way , you and I have the same breakfast diet, just cups and cups of tea...It´s nice to know I´m not alone :D

  4. I think doing 35 rounds of toast would put me off eating toast and just sticking with the tea too.

  5. I did think about making long straps that wrapped all the way around (to make it sturdier) but I couldn't do it without going over the cute 'A afternoon stroll' or 'a morning stroll' so kept them short - but if I make it again I'd do one long adjustable strap. :)

  6. Thanks Merche. What would we do without cups of tea!?

  7. I adore lunch bags, and this one is so ridiculously cute. What gorgeous fabric you chose!
    Ronnie xo

  8. Oh thanks! I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow so I can use it. It's like the first day of school when you have a new bag or new pencils. Hopefully it doesn't fall apart on the way into the office!!