The end of Zip-tember

Yesterday was the long awaited 'putting zippers into bags' course at Addicted to Fabric run by Nicole Mallalieu.  I did wonder before going how on earth I was going to spend 5 hours in a course on zippers, but the time flew by and in fact it took me all that time to get 2 zippers done- an exposed zipper pocket and a zipped gusset.  There was a lot of waiting around for the irons you see.  That's my excuse anyway.  So this afternoon instead of going to my first vinyasa yoga class (sorry Michelle!) I finished off the tote bag from the class, so that my new little sewn zippers had a home.  And do you know, I'm pretty proud of this.  I followed the pattern (which obviously helps) and it is easily my best finish - ever - on a bag.
This is a pretty dodgey shot of the innards. You can't see it but there is a nice pocket on the inside and then the whole bag zips up nicely.  I was originally going to give this to my mum but I think I might have someone else in mind.  The material is very 'Australiana' which she would like but I don't think she's really a messenger bag kind of lady.  
So where does that all leave me for Zip-tember.  Pretty darn fine I think.  The course has helped me overcome my zipper phobia - a bit - and I'll aim to make some zippered things for the fete.  This month I made a pair of pants with a zipper, this bag with different types of zippers and I made a little cardi with buttons (to re-enforce August is Buttons).   So I'd call it a success.
What's my improvement project for October!? (Apart from a whole lot of craft stall sewing....!!@? and KCWC)  We will see.,

P.S.  No surprises but I didn't manage to leave the shop empty handed. Still no fabric for the PAVOT but I did find this jersey which I think will look amazing made up into a drape dress.  I'm not sure it's really me but I just loved the electricity of the blue.  The only thing better would be if it was in fluro pink!!


  1. You'll look great in blue!

  2. That fabric is very everybody, it´s the prettiest thing ever!!! I love the messenger bag a lot. Inside and out. Where do you get all those pretty fabrics I wonder?! One more missed your vinyasa yoga? Tsk,tsk. :)

  3. Suuuper cool fabric! And I agree with Merche, I covet your fabrics :)

  4. Thanks Merche! I did end up going to vinyasa yoga on Wednesday night - now I might be a little bit hooked!