smencil case

Pencil case
Oliver has (as usual) a birthday party this weekend.  This time around it's twins.  The boy will receive, as is mandatory, some lego.  At the moment all the boys are all about the Avengers (lego).  So that's what he is getting.  His sister is however a different story.  I bought these super cute and 'gourmet' smelly coloured smencils  (pencils made from rolled newspaper) from the portrait gallery store a while ago and had them sitting in my 'present box'.  The plastic container had become a bit 'ratty' but I still thought the smencils might be a good gift for the little girl... and the smell of each pencil is amazing.  I saw the tutorial on noodlehead for making an open wide zippered pouch so thought I'd make a little pencil case to store the pencils.
I had bought a fat quarter of this Koka fabric from the Ballarat Patchwork shop when we were there on holidays in January and so used that with a the bright pink zipper and black spotty fabric from the stash.  The zipper isn't exactly right.. and it looks homemade.. but if I was a little girl I think I'd be pretty happy!

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