It's not rocket science

26 May 2012
I made this blouse in MMM12 (deep in my MMM12 panic sewing) and have worn it with my shorts a few times since. I really love this casual autumn look, but it's an outfit that is for weekends. I have quite different requirements for work and casual and really casual outfits.  I've noticed now that I sew most of my blouses, I've been able to fit them into at least 2 of those categories (and let's face it I rarely wear super casual - I'm more likely to wear my pjs!).  I really like this blouse 'hanging out', the way it shows off the fabric, but this morning, I tried it with my work trousers and tucked the blouse in to create a more work 'appropriate' look. I immediately begged the reluctant photographer to take a picture of me so I could compare the looks - "isn't me made may over!!!! he replied"   "Yes, but... just one photo!"You know it's not rocket science, but isn't it always great when you work out another way to wear something you've sewn. Hooray, another outfit!


  1. Your blouse looks lovely both ways. I can´t tell you enough how I love that print.