stripes and tartan

Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket, handmade top from the lady at the local cafe
It is no secret that I love stripes.  I wear stripes, my boys wear stripes. Stripes, stripes everywhere.  Can't get enough stripes.  When I'm not in Liberty, I'm in stripes. In fact often I'm in stripes plus liberty. Stripes are the new black. My latest dressing obsession has been to add tartan to the stripes.  I have been waiting for the weather to become ugly enough to really wear this combination and yes, it has. Love both of these looks with my skinny jeans and blue boots.  Unfortunately neither of these looks have anything handmade (by me) so might need to make something in tartan this winter!

Current favourite: stripes and tartan
Petit Bateau jumper and Claudie Pierlot scarf
In sewing machine news:  apparently it was a user error regarding the button holes. Mmmm.  How embarrassment! Of course I don't believe it!  I will be going down to the shop to pick up Mr Pfaff and find out what went wrong, but not today.  To be honest, I'm enjoying the machine being away so it doesn't tempt me with some crazy speed sewing.  I bought some new fabric during the week and I want to cut it out calmly and I have borrowed a Japanese sewing book from a friend that has the best sailor dress in it which I really want to trace. Unfortunately I also have 3 weeks of French homework to catch up on so having it here would only be a evil temptation!


  1. That´s a great idea! Never thought of stripes and tartan together. Thank you!

  2. "Stripes are the new black"
    I too believe this to be true!