I got a new laptop baby

I've been singing this old song by Custard (inserting apartment for laptop) all weekend!!  
You see, my old laptop was particularly temperamental.  It could have been all the sewing dust it digested sitting next to my overlocker all day long, but whatever it was, it would heat up in a frenzy and shut down all the time.  I mean ALL the time.  So on the weekend, we went out and bought a brand new super thin one, that is just calling  to be taken out and about rather than fixed to the one dusty spot.
Completely stealing  inspired  by the crab and bee envelope sleeve I decided to make my own little laptop sleeve.  (I did ask if I could 'borrow' the idea! BTW). What on earth will I do when I don't have anymore of this Liberty Kingley Cord left or this chambray? Everything I make seems to use it. Just like Crab I put batting in it but I used hat elastic and a little button I found for the closure rather than a snap.    I also made a little drawstring bag of the other Liberty cord I had, this is the last of this print in the stash, to put in my little mouse, cords etc in if I was travelling.  I don't think mine is as nearly as well made as Crabs but I'm happy with it nonetheless and can't wait to road test it.
So what has happened to the old laptop?  Well it's had a good clean out in more ways than one.  It's been wiped, dusted, vacuumed and has everything removed from it and has had linux installed.  I wonder how it will behave now! The plan is to hide it away until the boys beg to watch the lego site so they don't use mine. I wonder how long it will stay hidden for!
UntitledUntitledIn sadder news, I think it's time I had the button hole functions on my little PFAFF Hobby 1142 checked out, so off to the doctor tomorrow.  Let's hope it will be a quick visit!


  1. Oh my gosh! So cute! I love the flower button!

    1. Thanks - but all thanks to you for the idea!