a few things on a blue day

The weather here is atrocious today.  It's freezing cold, sleeting on and off, with the wind blowing trees down all over. Not at all what I wanted for my day off when I had to be out and about, including driving around on one of those little pretend tyres to the tyre place because the tyre on our car was flat as a tack.  Great! To cheer myself up a bit I decided to apply 'blue denim' to my nails - a colour I bought on a whim last year but have never worn.
The wintery weather has also made me turn to thinking of making warm things.  I've got my eyes on the skirt below as my next project from 'My Favourite Handmade Style' out of some corduroy I bought the other week.  I love how they have accessorised it with jeans! In fact I love how you can barely even see what the skirt is like from the picture!
I've also been thinking about these baby blankets seen on the purlbee http://www.purlbee.com/flannel-receiving-blankets/   They remind me so much of the hand towels my Grandmother used to crochet.  I've never done crochet but these seem almost do-able and I'm sure I know some babies on the way (or can find some) who need one of these.. especially in Nani IRO flannel. 
But back to work tomorrow after a week of swiss cheese attendance due to the chicken pox and then a full week off last week to look after Ben.  

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