lego piano bag

Oliver starts music lessons on Wednesday where, as part of the lessons he learns to play piano.  There are 8 pianos set up in a room with 8 six year old and apparently they sing and play percussion and piano!!?!We are all pretty excited about the start of these lessons (partly because they are right next to my favourite fabric shop!), although I am partly fearful of the additional reason to nag that may come about from this. I remember vividly my own piano teacher saying to me.. 'You don't practise do you Kirsty?' and it was clear that neither her nor I expected the relationship to last long.  And it didn't.  I was probably all of seven. I have tried a number of instruments in my life but never really succeeded at any of them.  Ben however is good on the piano so I am hoping that he may have passed this on.

With the lessons, comes a book and therefore an excuse to make a simple bag to keep the book in.  I offered to take Oliver to the fabric shop to buy some new fabric (of course I wouldn't have bought any fabric for myself) but as he is obsessed with lego, he wanted to use this fabric that I had left in the stash from his lego party last year: Push pin by Koko.  Have you ever seen a cuter selvedge?  So, voila, a very basic book bag.

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  1. What a cute bag, and that selvedge is too adorable!
    Thanks so much for your gorgeous comments during MMM Kirsty, and I love your style and your creations. I might invest in some Liberty!