when in doubt...leatherette!

I had the most fun at spotlight this morning with my next door neighbour.  We riffled through fake fur, stretch velvet animal print, and all sorts of other wonders that we almost walked out with, convincing ourselves that we couldn't live without it and we would look so money in a full jumpsuit made of leatherette crocodile print.  Of course there is some nice fabric there, although it's mainly cheap and you do have to rummage and rife.  I managed to come away with a few things....
Firstly some jersey stripe and lace trim ...  I've been obsessed about making a stripey boat top with a lace inset ever since I saw a Claudie Pierlot top.  This trim isn't wide enough unfortunately so will need to keep my eyes open for the perfect lace.  Ben is wondering what on earth I'm thinking, but I'm going to persist with this idea.
I also bought some gold  and some perforated 'leatherette'.  Only 25cms of each.. I thought I'd try out little pouches or something... if I can ever learn to insert a zipper properly. I made myself a little phone pouch out of the gold with pink stitching but it is so lo-fi I can't even post it!!
I also bought this fabric on a whim.  I think was called 'risque brocade'!!!!!  I'm not sure how risque it is.  I'd say not at all frankly! This is it hanging on the line.. I think it's going to make a great skirt so have sent away for a pattern this afternoon.  Stay tuned.  I have a vision for it!  At $40/metre the sales assistant nearly fainted when she rang it up as there aren't many fabrics that are in that range at Spottys. Trust me to find it.

Suzy bought some excellent stretch snake skin print fabric and has already whipped up a very  rock cowl neck top with it!!
My normal fabric store is having a sale on this coming weekend, so lucky there is a payday between now and then!


  1. Ooh, those fabrics are lovely! I especially like the idea of a striped top with lace, sounds just gorgeous! I think that gold leatherette *might* be the same as some I bought a few months ago. I made a skirt with it.