Roxy Longsocks

UntitledToday, I decided to dig out the Roxy Long Socks pattern kit that I had bought quite some time ago from The Red Thread.  I love the pattern kits from The Red Thread and a while ago I made a few ooshka boys (or supermans as the boys like to call them).  It was just so great to see something like that for little boys.  Oliver loves his and uses it as one of his pillows every night.
I have a host of little boys who I should be making for - or even better, I have a skirt and blouse that I want to do over this long weekend for myself, but for some reason, I decided to go for something girly.
A doll!  A doll!
I didn't even have anyone in mind when I started to make her, but now I think it will be for a little soon to be one year old who's birthday is in July.  That is if Elliot will give her back and she doesn't fall apart from the 'love' he is giving her. Now apart from a short foray into the supermen, I'm not a soft toy person.  I can never seem to close the openings in a very neat way and everything is always a bit lopsided.  This long legged lady is no different.  It is a bit lo-fi and her arms aren't quite aligned, but her little scarf hides all her flaws and whose perfect in real life anyway!  She does have a lovely little liberty dress on so everything is good.


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