gifted skirt

Yesterday morning I went to wear my cord skirt and faced up to the sad realisation that it really is too big for me.  I've worn it a few times and each time, Ben has said, it's too big, it doesn't look great, but each time I closed my ears to him, thinking 'what does he know' I look gooood.  Funny how we can be blinded by our creations.  I, like Roobeedoo, have items that I have made that I wouldn't buy, not in a pink fit. Wrong size, wrong fit. So I decided to see if my sister would like the skirt.  She tried it on and it looks so so great on her.  Much  much better than on me. So now it belongs to her.  I'm still calling it a sewing success though!
Gratuitous child picture: Elliot's chicken

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