The cord skirt

cord skirtBeFunky

After spending the first two days of the long weekend on smaller projects, I decided it was time to connect with the cord skirt that has been sitting in the pile for quite some time.
Monday of a long weekend and everything was perfect for sewing.  It had become progressively overcast and cold - and Oliver was on a play date and Elliot had a cough that just won't stop so he was relaxing on the couch.  So I had a few free hours up my sleeve.
The pattern is E from 'My Favourite Handmade Style' and I'm pretty happy with the skirt overall.  It is a bit big which is why the buttons aren't sitting exactly right AND my machine decided that it didn't know how to do button holes so I had to do them a really dodgey way. Nevertheless I was excited with the finished product to do a little photo shoot, complete with cord hat. You can tell Ben isn't that enthusiastic..I mean if he was a real photographer he would have removed the blue ball from the background!!
BTW, the shoes Ralph Lauren and I haven't really had anything to wear them with but I will definitely be wearing this to work tomorrow, although perhaps with some better matching stockings!
This morning I also quickly knocked up a little tissue holder made out of Liberty scraps for a friend at work who is off on holidays on Thursday.  



  1. It's great! Looks like a really practical, easy-to-match skirt - but also fun to wear! I love putting on corderoy on a cold day!