a quick trip to the fabric shop for some embroidery thread

UntitledThis afternoon after picking O up from zoocation we snuck by the fabric shop so I could get some more embroidery thread to continue my tablecloth I started in a flash last night.  More on that to come.

So, before I was able to escape with only a minor purchase, I saw this fabric: Monsterz by Michele Brummer-Everett (Adventurez) and couldn't resist.  What a cute pattern, lovely colours - and I particularly love the little pops of orange.

Of course, I also saw this Liberty fabric and had to buy it too.  The fabric is called Kara's Trees and is from the 2011 Summer collection. It is "a design inspired by Quentin Blake's 'L for Legs' illustration for his 'ABC'.
Well, one thing is for sure it isn't exactly winter weight fabric!

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