nutters collection

I went to the gym today! Before O was born I used to run a bit (so that's over 7 years ago) and way before that I used to go to the gym a lot, but it has been ages since I set foot in one.  I did a group bike class with my neighbour and it was comforting to know the classes don't change so much in all that time... same crazy instructors, same burning legs, same booming music.  I did notice that a lot of people wear cleats to the class.  I have a pair gathering dust in the garage which I might take out!   Anyway, I'm feeling very virtuous and now that I have a free week pass - might go again tomorrow - if I can walk!
p.s.  the man on the bike is a little statue that my father gave to me (1993?)  for my birthday when I was doing a lot of riding. On the bottom reads 'nutters collection 1992'.

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