ninja finger puppets - part 1

Half made "Oh, Boy! Finger puppet pattern"from Such Designs
The thing that's even better than a long weekend is when it is followed up by a day off!
I have had this pattern for quite a while and have been meaning to make up the ninja finger puppets for the two brothers of the baby who will (eventually) get the little man that arrived yesterday.  So, while there is still a bit of time before the baby is born, I figured today might be the day to embark on the finger puppets. It's school holidays, so O and E and I zipped off to Addicted to Fabric to get some felt before heading off to do other things (including getting new shoes for E and me saying at regular intervals to the two of them - 'keep your hands to yourselves'!).
On the way home I had a worrying thought that I might not have any black thread - in reality a near impossibility, but none the less, once the thought is in your head it won't go away, so we raced back to get some black thread.  On arriving home found, of course, that I do have black thread, but don't have the black embroidery thread for the eyes.  So.. finger puppets half done awaiting little eyes and then the back will be sewn on.  I love this pattern and the fact that the stitching doesn't have to be perfect...because clearly it's not!  Great fun -and I think this all lends itself to other possibilities.