let's swap days

     "Do you want to swap days?" are words that put the fear into me.  My day off, especially in school holidays is pretty precious so when asked by another mum if I want to take her children on my day off, for her to then taken mine on her day.. I reluctantly agree knowing that the kids  probably have a lot of fun on these days.  


    So, the day started with the mandatory lego strewn everywhere, loud shouting and cushions being thrown everywhere.  
     We did sit down and do a bit of painting and mask making.  Big thanks to this site:  http://www.abirdandabean.com/2012/01/cute-owl-craft.html for the owl idea... though the big boys didn't finish theirs as they lathered them in so much 'toxic paint' that they weren't dry enough to finish in time.  

    I love how the two littlies chose one big eye and one little eye for their owls.  The gold one is mine with the excess glue!   And E -holding his, the perfect host still in his pj's!

    UntitledBy 2pm when it all got too much - I took them to one of those hideous indoor play centres and we all 'whee'd away the rest of the day going up and down the big slide. 

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