nani IRO tablecoth

P4280367On ANZAC day a very good friend of mine and her two little girls came over for some ANZAC biscuits and lemon tart.  She made the biscuits and Ben made a lemon tart (by his hero Heston Blumenthal. I won't go into details of the cooking of the lemon tart - which turned out to be superbly delicious - but with just a "small" amount of stress by the chef).  Having Sarah over for afternoon tea made me think about how I was going to "dress" the table.  We have a small round table which fits the four of us perfectly, which we can fold out when we have more people over.  Often at night we just use the orange table mats which I bought some time ago and if we unfold the table, then I have a big white tablecloth.  But I didn't have anything to cover the table with for a little afternoon tea.
For the occassion I just folded up the white tablecloth (dodgey), but that night I got to work on a new tablecloth.I have had this nani IRO (Fuwari fuwari) material in the stash for a while and a year or so back I was making lots of things with this heavy stripe and still had a bit of it in the stash.  I made the table cloth square rather than round because it seemed easier.  To finish it off I hand sewed around it in a bright pink.  I had thought I might do some embroidery in the centre as well but Ben said that it would be too busy.  So, Voila, we have a new tablecloth.

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