sunday sewing

My new years resolution was to start to sew more complicated things - but today was not the day for something complicated, though with the start of Me Made Me 2012 imminent, I perhaps need to branch out past shirts and tops (in Liberty!).. pretty quickly. But not today.

Today, I made a start on a top using the same pattern as my clockwork orange shirt.  Ben said to me, why don't you make something different,  to which I earnestly replied that this will only be the second time I make this shirt AND I made up the collar last time.  But he probably has a point and again I use Liberty!

I used Powell B Tana Lawn from the SS12  Central Saint Martins collection, which I bought at Addicted to Fabric when I went in there for something else a few months ago..  It is from the same collection as the clockwork orange fabric. According to the Liberty website, the "print was designed by Timi Hayek who was inspired by Sylvia in 'La Dolce Vita' who wore a lacy provocative top and behaved in a feline manner."  Perhaps an innocent peter pan collar shirt wasn't the right choice for the fabric! Oh well, I like it.  Though, it isn't quite finished: I still have the sleeves to bind and the bottom to hem...

This is a photo of my little workspace.  Just when I laid the fabric out to cut, O decided that he wanted to look at the lego site on my laptop, E decided he needed to stickytape paper together (hence why the sticky tape is hanging precariously on my desk) and Ben decided that he wanted to play the keyboard which is squished in next to my desk.  All very cosy! So if there are mistakes with the sewing you can see why!

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