long weekend in Sydney

We have just arrived home from a lovely few days in Sydney.  Ben had an appointment at St Vincent's hospital on Friday and then an appointment with the French Consulate on Monday for finger printing for his new passport (must be in Sydney of course - can't be done in Canberra- and of course the passport now needs to go to France so won't be ready for another few weeks - perhaps another long weekend in Sydney to pick up the passport!!?).
So anyway, with those two official appointments book ending our weekend we managed to fit in a lot of fun things, on as many modes of transport as Sydney could provide - including a last minute ride on the monorail while waiting for Ben to have his fingerprinting done.  

On Friday O, E and I had a lovely lunch with my sister, a nice rest in the park opposite the hospital and then a pizza dinner on Friday while Ben had and then recovered from his test.  

On Saturday, I snuck in a quick flit to Surry Hills for shopping with my friend Michelle where I found my new favourite shop, the Standard Store which fantastically stocks one of my favourite designers Sessun.  I bought the cutest leather locket which I haven't taken off since..although am still thinking about a pair of mustard pants and a blue cardigan with pompoms.. which might just be an essential part of my winter wardrobe. That night, we had a fun dinner with friends in the very very delicious but very very dark Spice Temple. 

Bus ride, play with friends, ferry ride, lunch at the Opera House, as many swims in the hotel pool as we could manage and a tired E who fell asleep at dinner on Sunday night (long live the bench seat in a restaurant) -topped of a top notch weekend.  

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