What to do with Liberty squares ?

For my birthday my work mates (the ones who gave me this lovely present when I had my sinus operation earlier in the year) bought me this lovely little pack of Liberty of London squares. You know how I'm addicted to Liberty fabric so this little pack is perfect and there is only one square in here that I have.. which is incredible given the amount of Liberty I have.  The thing is, now what do I do with them!?  I feel compelled to be making little crafty things for people for Christmas.  I have after all a Christmas list that is a mile long, but I've made so many tissue pockets that I'm not sure I want to do that with these.  Zipper pouches?  Maybe.. Coasters?.. not sure.  Help!
To be honest, right now, I just want to sew clothes:  I have 3 things I want to sew from Drape Drape 2 and I still want to make some yellow pants or a yellow skirt. Aaagh.


  1. An idea? One zipper pouch for each of your friends .
    I get you completely! I want to finish the coat, make one for my dog, sew up a dress for Christmas and a cozy top, and presents too. Aaargh indeed! If only we could skip the cleaning and the cooking for a couple of weeks!

  2. A live in housekeeper for a couple of weeks. Imagine!!
    BTW, can't wait to see the coat you make for your dog!!