Top 5 'other makes' for 2012

I posted the other day about my top 5 clothing makes but I feel a bit self indulgent so thought I'd also post my top 5 other makes for 2012.

I am not a knitter, so this took me ages to finish, but I loved doing it.  The make coincided with a few trips to the snow so there were a few missed stitches while I knitted in the car, but I'm still proud.  It was a present for on the birth of a little baby girl, Stella.

This is a bit of a cheat as the doll comes as a kit from the Red Thread, well only the face does, so it's not such a cheat.  It was a present for a little girl Lily for her first birthday.

In September I took a Saturday course by Nicole Mallalieu on putting zippers into bags.  Unfortunately since the course, I have only finished this bag, but the course was great.  I gave this to my mum, who I am very happy to say uses it.. and it looks stylish in the process.  Next year I'm taking another one of Nicole's courses in March: Frame Purses! Yay.


This little bag has revolutionised my eating habits at work.  Everyday I now take a salad!  It is the perfect size!

5.  Bird Wings
I made these wings as a present for a little girl Hannah for her 4th birthday.  There were a few wearability issues that I have now worked out.  I really want to make these for my niece Alice for here 5th birthday, but I haven't been able to find the exact fabrics again nor the energy.  Her birthday is at the end of January so I hope I can find my wing mojo as these wings truly are beautiful.
PA010250 - Copy


  1. Hi, so many clever makes here - I love Roxy Longsocks, and as for a lunchbag that's revolutionised your lunches, wow it seems like sewing can change the world! You have a lot of lucky gift recipients in your life.

  2. Thank you! It does seem silly to say that the lunchbox has revolutionised my lunch, but it really has!!

  3. You family and friends are really lucky to receive your creative touch :) And I think you can safely claim to be a knitter now, too... the blanket is gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Carolyn, but I don't think I can claim to be a knitter until I make something with shape! I'm not giving up yet though :)