Stretch... we will be friends

This weekend we are off to visit my brother who lives at Merrigum (near Shepparton) and also a little day trip tomorrow Echuca, which is close to where he lives. The kids are going to drive a paddle steamer.  I'm sure I'll post on that later. I think I'm probably more excited than the kids.  But, before we leave I made a quick dash to Addicted to Fabric for their twice yearly sale. Luckily the doors open at 7am! Normally I loiter around the Liberty rolls, but I had heard a rumour that they are getting a new shipment in before Christmas so saved my Liberty spending for another day and instead wandered through the stretch fabrics looking for some fabric to make up some patterns from Drape Drape 2.
These two above  I'm thinking might look good as this tshirt. Although the stipey one on the right I can see as the drape skirt as well (remembering that I've photographed it sideways....
I bought this cream and dark navy stipey to make up the drape dress that didn't turn out so well last time.
And lastly I bought this fabric which is naturally slightly crinkled - maybe a top, maybe a dress.... who knows. Perhaps in the car I'll study my pattern books...


  1. Oooh, pretty fabrics!

    Zoe xxx

  2. Thankyou! Hope to also get a few pairs of these out of any leftover - especially the green floral one.

  3. Very nice fabrics. Love the cream and dark navy.
    Shops opening at 7 am? Never seen that in Spain!

  4. I can assure you it's a one off for the sale so that all the shift workers etc can come along and snap up the bargains. The first day is 25% off everything and then Saturday and Sunday it goes to 20%. Usually I end up going everyday because I think about the fabrics I didn't buy on the day before. This time, though, just one shot!

  5. I haven't had the bravery to sew with anything stretchier than cotton jersey! I'm excited to see how you projects go. I like your choice of prints :)