Top 5 Sewing Fails of 2012

Today, I'm posting the second in my top 5 list as part of Gillian's Top 5 of 2012My top 5 sewing failures.  It's appropriate as in a bit of pre Christmas cleaning I cleaned out a few of my drawers today and I actually tossed some of my early handmade clothes into the charity bags. I did a lot more sewing in 2012 than in any other year, so it only follows that I have a few (well a lot of) fails.

Number One
A Broken Arm (making sewing impossble for most of the first few months of the year).
I couldn't start this list off without the biggest sewing fail of the year.. my broken arm. Back in January a roller skating rink was set up in the middle of the city, so thinking back on my childhood and the fun I used to have with my strap on skates, skating around the garage I thought I'd indulge in some nostalgia and take the boys skating.  Now usually I'm pretty nervous but for some reason I had really talked myself up and was brimming with confidence.  Over step on the skates (yes only one step!!) and woosh..  The skates came out from under me and I slipped backwards onto my right hand (yes I'm right handed) and tailbone.  I immediately knew my wrist was broken but continued the session out with the boys with a makeshift sling (mental note to self - always wear a scarf just in case you need a sling!). It was goodbye to sewing for around 2 months.

Number Two
The Sugar Tee
Double gauze sugar tee
Don't get me wrong, I love this top.  I really really love it. I really love the patterna and I really love the yellow lace. The problem is that I just sewed it so so badly.  That's why it's such a fail. I don't know what I was thinking to overlock instead of sewing it properly.  I've worn it a few times, but unfortunately I took it out the other day to wear it and it is coming apart.  It's impossible to resew and no amount of fray stop will slow the disintegration. I'll have to make another one of these as looking at it is just too sad.

Number 3
The Ginger Skirt
Back in Me-Made-May 2012 I felt a bit of pressure to make some new clothes so one Saturday I attempted to make a Colette Ginger Skirt.  Fail.  I don't even have a finished photo.  The size was wrong, the zipper was wrong and most important the material was wrong.   This fabric was sitting in the stash and before I even started making it I knew I didn't want a skirt out of this fabric, but thought I'd better use it up because it was in the stash. I think I really need to learn this lesson - there is no point in me attempting to sew something if I don't like the fabric.  Guaranteed fail!

Number 4
The Wrong Size
cord skirt
I had a few fails this year by cutting out the wrong size (the Ginger skirt above fell victim to this problem as well)  Probably the biggest example of this was my pleated pants, but I did a lot of adjustment on them and they are wearable and as such they are on my success list.  This cord skirt was one such item that didn't quite fit and wasn't able to get the love and attention that the pleated pants did. I wore this skirt for this photo and once to work, but it was just too big around the waist and I gifted it to my sister. I hope she has worn it?

Number 5
Problems by the number.  Maybe I wasn't made to sew in jersey or more likely I just need to think more carefully about the patterns I'm choosing.  Last year and the first part of this year I sewed a lot in Liberty of London fabrics.  Blouses, shirts, dresses, tops.. and then somewhere along the line I thought I should do something different but my style didn't change.  I'm not sure why, maybe it was having this blog.  Well, it just hasn't worked, not yet anyway. Don't get me wrong. I have sewn some clothes that I love in jersey/stretch and are welcomed in the wardrobe; but in general I think that even though there were some that were made well and are ok,  there were some big failures

Next up in the Top 5 series is 'Top 5 Lessons Learned'.  Check out others who are doing their top 5 over at Gillian's Crating a Rainbow.  


  1. Sorry, I can´t agree with you here...well, maybe the broken arm and the oversize skirt, but not the rest!
    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you Merche! I hope you have a great time with your family. Thanks for all your supportive comments this year including this one :) xx

  3. what a shame about the sugar tee! I loved that when I first saw it, in fact I'm off to have a look at that book on amazon again...! You should definitely make another one :-) Great posts, I think I'm brewing a top 5 post or two for the new year as it's really inspiring to see others!

  4. Oh dear - a broken arm!? I must not have been following your blog yet when that happened... I hope it has healed well!
    I'm a complete convert to jersey... but sometimes I still have trouble making it do what I want! Sometimes the drape or stretch just doesn't work like I think it will!

  5. I didn't start the blog until April 2012, just before I decided to do Me Made Me. Actually I'm surprised at how well it healed, thanks! I

  6. Oh Jo, I agree, the sugar tee is such a great pattern and I do love the yellow lace. I'm on the constant hunt for yellow lace to make a new one. I really hope that you do a top 5 post. They are quite fun although because I haven't been blogging all year, there is a bit that's in the memory banks that are hard to remember. Definitely get the book. It is a goody. Merry Christmas to you and your family.